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Cole Stratford is a datable character in the game: Chrono days created by Pacthesis. He can be met prior to the present Reton, if deciding him over Emmet.


Character design

Due to being born without hands, Cole uses prosthetic hands which makes his hands visibly different to the other characters. Cole has the same hairstyle and eye colour as his great grandfather although with darker hair. He wears a yellow vest underneath his zipped jumper with a logo. Noticably, his pocket spells 'Emmet' backwards.

On dates, Cole wears a blue jumper with a black shirt underneath and light brown trousers.


Cole comes off as confident and laid-back. He protected Saige from a strange man who tried asking her out, although she said 'no'. Showing he is kind towards strangers, similar to his great grandfather.


Cole comes from Korupili, west of Cigam and not far from Reton. He ran away from home because of his overprotective parents because of him being handicapped. Also because they think that he can't do things on his own. During an event, Saige and him dated but took cover when two men discussed that Cole probably went to Cigam because it's a bigger city. Cole has admitted he's planning on never returning home-since he won't be able to see her again if he did.


After the time hole closes in the present-day, Saige decides she'll go with Cole. In the future, they are both married.


  • He can be unlocked after Emmet is met on day 2, and declining his offer of returning the hankie. Then by following on to day 10 in the present time, Cole will be seen dancing on the Saki machine.
  • His username for everything is: nerosoraru online whilst his email is ''
  • Cole once mentioned there was a 'song stuck in my head' which was Rolling Girl.
  • Cole is interested in comic books.
  • Flying on planes and going on roller coasters makes him nervous. He may suffer from Acrophobia.
  • Cole once dreamt of riding a Koi fish in the sky instead of water.
  • Harris, Pacthesis's hand model.

    During Cole's creation, pacthesis was inspired to create off of her hand model named Harris. She bought it on her vacation and named it after a waiter that served her at the breakfast cafe the following day.  Cole and Saki dancer was inspiried by a DDR type at an arcade in a water park whilst at a friend's birthday party. She was impressed for his skills and used it as an insperation.