This page contains fan Art of the horror rpg games in this wikia. All credit goes to artists who produced the work. There is also Yanderella characters included in Artifical Academty. The youtube video shown by Azzman is an example of this. Where the youtuber created his own version of the characters Honoka Hinata and Yatarou.

Yanderella Reloaded Artificial Academy 2 ( 19)

Yanderella Reloaded Artificial Academy 2 ( 19)

Artifical Academy by Azzman, including Yanderella characters

Also a fan made track of Yanderella was created here. The track goes as followed: ChOOSe mE or Die - Tommy February6 // Fairytale - Alexander Rybak // Saw and Pendulum - Hatsune Miku // Obsessed With You - The Orion Experience // Rotten Girl, Grotesque Romance - Hatsune Miku // I Love You More Then I Hate My Period - Say Anything // Jealousy - Marina and the Diamonds // Scissorsriod- Hatsune Miku // Crazy Possessive - Kaci // Super Psycho Love - Simon Curtis // Love Me. Love Me. Love Me. - Hatsune Miku // Liar - Emille Autumn 

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  • Fan Art of Nagisa
  • Fan Art of Nagisa on Instagram
  • Choices
  • Fan Art of (In order) Rikana (left) Nagisa (centre) Ayano (right) on instagram
  • Edit of protagonists to show full profile on Instagram


  • Fan Art of Honoka on IconosquareGo to
  • Fan Art of Honoka (left0 Yatarou (centre) and hinata (right)Go to
  • comic part 1
  • comic part 2
  • comic part 3
  • comic part 4- contains flashing images
  • Fan Art of Honoka
  • Animation of Honoka and Hinata with their weapons
  • Fan Art of Honoka and Hinata on a bleeding flower
  • Fan Art of Yanderella with Gender swap
  • 'you’re pretty much done either way in it'
  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3
  • Part 4
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