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Creator(s) Name Skirt

Engine Unknown

Genre Adventure/Puzzle



Website Kidofrillyskirt


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Kidofrillyskirt otherwise known as 'Skirt' is a attendant of an art school who is prone to be fatigued due to an unnamed illness. She is a tumblr blogger who mainly posts subjects related to Kagerou PROJECT and is inspired from it. She has developed a short series of games that are free to download by computer.


You can call me Skirt, I am 18 years old . My birthdays are 07.07.  I am attending ART school, I’m drawing Japanese-style things, sculpturing and painting. I am always tired due to my illness. My height is between Azami and Mary’s, figure that out! Blog is Kagerou PROJECT related. I’m quite nice person and polite, I accept everyone’s style of view. I make games too, please try ! We can chat if You want, on Anon or not! You can talk to me, I won’t kamikorosu!

 I love Kagerou Project, Shuuen no Shiori Project and Mikagura School Suite. And started to like KEMU VOXX too! My favourite games are Guilty Gear series, BlazBlue series and Bayonetta. (Don’t talk to me about Jin or Hazama and Ky Kiske or I will scream and laugh and die from feelings. ) I like reading books too! I don’t have favourites, maybe Shakespeare is one of the best in my opinion. I love Agatha Christie and Edgar Allan Poe.

I have few OCs and if You’re curious who is Al, Vincent and Klaudiso and You want to draw them, ask! uwu Ok, nothing to see here! uwu 

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