Makoto Mobius is a game created by Charon. In this game, depending on what items and interactions you choose ultimately alters what ending you get.

Summary Edit

Watarou, the main character, and Makoto, the girl who sits next to him, are classmates who have never really spoken to each other. One day, Makoto suddenly passes away. Watarou uses Mobius' help to try and save her, but..

Characters Edit

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The protagonist and player of the game. His role is to save a girl named Makoto, who he barely knows even as a classmate and takes on the request of Mikiko to do so.

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Plot (Work in Progress) Edit

Watarou is sitting in class on June 23rd, when the girl next to him, Makoto, speaks to him for the first time. She asks him what would happen if she were to die the next day. Watarou doesn't know how to react. The next day, June 24th, Makoto dies. Watarou admits that he didn't know her at all, except for the one time that she spoke to him. Mikio, Makoto's best friend, tells Watarou about a powerful spirit named Mobius. Watarou says it's just an urban legend, and Mikio reveals that she wants to go back in time using Mobius's power to save Makoto. Watarou is transported to Makoto's house on June 23rd, the night Makoto is fated to die.

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