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Mix Ore is a game created by Charon. Unlike most of Charon's games, there is a choice of three female's with its own story to it. Depending on your choice of dialogue results in which endings and characters you meet. This also alternates the story. However, it's unknown if all the stories are linked into one event or if it only involves characters within each different story.


Kantarou, the main character, is a boy with amnesia.

When he wakes up, he finds a girl sitting next to him.

It seems she knows him, but...



A young man named Kantarou wakes up in a hospital bed with amnesia. He has no memory of what happened to him and is confronted by a mysterious girl who makes a claim about their "relationship". Who is this girl and why is she pretending to be someone she isn't.

Nagisa Ichigaulait[]

Kantarou wakes up and sees a girl named Nagisa Ichigaulait who claims to be his girlfriend. She was the one who gave him Strawberry milk. She says that he was attacked by a stalker and that's why he has amnesia. During his time in the hospital, he sees another girl called Sanae Cocoaulait hanging around his room. Will he be able identify who he really is or will it be too late?



Nagisa has dark pink hair and eyes with a red flower in her hair. Noticeably, she wears a white shirt and white knee-length socks with a pink patterned skirt and bracelet. It appears she's wearing some sort of uniform as it has a similar contrast to Ayano's clothes.


Nagisa has a positive attitude towards Kantarou and shows devotion into helping him with his memories. Yet she shows embarrassment whenever she's reminded of their relationship.


Sanae Coccaulait

The apparent attacker of Kantarou who had been stalking him before she attacked him. Nagisa has told him not to trust Sanae as she can't be trusted to not bring him harm.



Sanae has ginger hair, with a black ribbon in her hair. Her eyes are covered by her fringe so her eye colour remains unknown. Also, she wears a white blouse with a black playsuit dress above of it.


Sane's personality is somewhat unknown as not much is revealed about her. The only description that could suggest her personality was how she was average and ordinary.


Rikana Milliefiori

Kantarou wakes up and sees a girl named Rikana Millefiori who claims to be his little sister. She was the one who had given him Honey Milk. As they spend time together, Kantarou starts to form a bond with her. One day, she asks him to give her money to fund her education. Is this really his little sister or a gold-digging con artist?



Rikana has twin tails and blonde hair put up with two blue ribbons. She has dark blue eyes to match and wears a blue playsuit above a short white t-shirt.


As Kantarou's 'sister', Rikana comes off as tsundere and conceited. She often tells Kantarou of how she is his darling little sister and expects to get privileges from him because of it. Although due to her kind movements despite her demeanour, Kantarou has become quite fond of her as a sister.


Ayano Cafeaulait

Kantarou wakes up and sees a girl named Ayano Cafeaulait who claims to be a classmate of his. She has offered him some Cafe au lait. She tells him that he was attacked by someone and was brought to the hospital. As he spends time with her, she mentions the positive side of having amnesia and not having old memories. What does she know and how will his past affect his future?



Ayano has brown hair and a green hairband. She has green eyes to match her green-coloured coordinated clothes. Similar to Nagisa, it appears she wears a school uniform consisting of a white blouse, green skirt and black tights.


Ayano comes off as kind and gentle towards Kantarou and shows devotion and consideration towards him. She allows him to have the choice of having his past or to refresh from it. Her kind nature shows how determined she is to help him.


Strawberry Milk[]

Day 1: Awakening

Kantarou wakes up with no memory and with a girl who's sitting next to him. She's served him some Strawberry Milk. She explains that he was in hospital because he was stalked and got attacked by them. The result led to him having fatal injures and was hospitalised. The girl introduces herself as Nagisa and is apparently the girlfriend of Kantarou. She leaves and promises to visit him the next day. Already, Kantarou is wishing to see her again and wonders more over the truth over their relationship.

Before night falls, Kantarou looks to the door of the room-feeling as if he was being watched. He's surprised to see a girl quietly watching him. She goes off, after being alarmed by his hostile attitude-as he's unfamiliar of this person.

Day 2: outing

Day 3: Suspicion

Day 4: Ichigaulait

Kantarou visits Nagisa one day at his house, but is shocked to see the corpse of Sanae in front of him. Kantarou remembers that Nagisa was the stalker and he was actualy dating Sanae. That the person he shared his kiss with was Sanae. He was fine with Nagisa stalking him but one day, Nagisa lashes out in attempt to murder Sanae. Kantarou shielded her and gained fatal injuries, causing him to be hospitalised.

From Nagisa's point of view, she realises of how Kantarou protected Sanae. Though on further realisation of how he had amnesia, she notices how she can take advantage. How she can be the girlfriend of Kantarou. In reality, Nagisa asks Kantarou if he has nothing to live for because of how she killed his girlfriend. She asks him if he will join her in death and depending on the choice of dialogue depends on the fate of Nagisa.

Honey Milk[]

Day 1: Awakening

Day 2: Outing

Day 3: Suspicion

Day 4: Milliefiori

Cafe au Lait[]

Day 1: Awakening

Day 2: Outing

Day 3: Suspicion

Day 4: Cafeaulait


Depending on which route you choose depends on what endings you get from which girl. Ultimately, deciding certain dialogue on day 4 will either result a true en or bad end. Regardless of choice, you will see the revealing of their true motives.

Strawberry Milk[]

Bad End: Nagisa's smile

If Kantarou decides that Nagisa should die, Nagisa thanks Kantarou for making her happy. She then stabs herself multiple times in the stomach until she dies. Kantarou stands there in horror as he watched her kill herself. He mourns for her and believes that he might have loved her at one point.

True End: Darkness

If Kantarou says that Nagisa shouldn't die, Nagisa cheerfully says how happy she is that he loves her. She also admits that she attempted to kill Sanae the night that he lost his memories. However, because he shielded Sanae from Nagisa, he took the hit for her. Despite having Kantarou as her "boyfriend", Nagisa claims that there's nothing left for her and decides to kill him and herself. Kantarou hugs her, a request made by her, and he gets stabbed in the stomach. Nagisa asks him to stay with her and wait for her in heaven. She asks him what he'd do in heaven while also making a claim to become God and make everyone in the world happy. Kantarou starts to lose consciousness as he wonders what happened to Nagisa. Before he falls unconscious, he hears sirens approaching his house.

Honey Milk[]

Bad End: Together

If Kantarou decides he wants to die, Rikana mockingly tells him to die. Angry, Kantarou pushes Rikana out in the street where a car hits her. At the realization of his actions, he ran away in a blind panic. He then notices a car approaching him and decides to let it hit him, hoping to be with Rikana again.

True End: Money means everything

If Kantarou decides he doesn't want to die, Rikana just sneers at him and tells him that she refuses to return the money to him. She admits that because her father is deep in debt, it has affected her life. She tells him that she plans on using the money for her own use and move out of her dad's house. She then states that now he's broke, she and Kantarou can rough it out on their own. Kantarou, shocked to hear that she just used him and didn't care about him, walks out onto the road. Just as he remembers her warning about watching where he was going, he gets hit by a car. Before he falls into unconsciousness, he hears sirens approaching.

Cafe au lait[]

Bad End: Amnesia

If Kantarou chooses to kill Ayano, he starts strangling her. He lets go of her and grabs a trophy, which he uses to repeatedly hit her in the head with. Time goes by and people haven't been able to find Ayano's body or her killer. When Kantarou prepares to leave the hospital, he's shocked to find her in a bed. She wakes up, looks up at him, and asks him who he is.

True End: Unattainable Love

If Kantarou accepts his fate, Ayano begins to stab him. She tells him that none of the things that happened to him would ever return. Feeling satisfied and content with her work, she walks off and leaves him to die. Kantaraou lays in his blood and thinks about how terrible he was to make her kill him. He considers the idea that he might have loved her at one point and they could have avoided this if things were different. As he begins crying, he hears sirens approaching his house.


  • The name Milliefiori is closely related to the word 'millionaire' which probably refers to the Betrayal of Rikana who possibly becomes a millionaire after stealing Kantarou's inheritance.
  • There is a spinoff/fan made game called: Milliefiori to do with the background of Rikana. Presumingly, it may be the truth behind the story, however, there haven't been any recent claims for this.
  • By following the spin off game of Rikana, suggestively, Katarou must've been with Sanae and shielded her by Nagisa before being attacked by Ayano and hit by a car.
  • According to the spinoff game, Kantarou had his family's inheritance, was champion of a soccer team and had a girlfriend. This further concludes that the events that occurred with him may be true. Though it seems impossible for Ayano's story to be true. Since if he was hospitalised when he was hit by the car it would mean that he had to be alone or with Sane and Nagisa to let that happen.
  • The drinks the girls give him is the same as the ones available in Yanderella.
  • Nagisa's true ending is somewhat similar to Hinata's ending from Yanderella. Since both of their endings are titled 'Darkness' and they were both jealous of another girl.
    • Abusive Parents: According to the spinoff game, Rikana's father collected massive debts from illegal organizations (possibly the Yakuza) and vented his frustration on her. This, in addition to her brother's suicide and her mother's leave, drove Rikana to her criminal acts.
    • And Now You Must Marry Me: On Day 4 for Nagisa's route, she tells Kantarou to marry her now that no one is in their way. One of the options for Kantarou when he reaches this piece of dialogue is saying "Heeeeelllll NO!" and Nagisa repiles by saying that she won't take "no" for an answer.
    • Blonde, Brunette, Redhead: Rikana, Ayano, and Nagisa.
    • Break the Cutie: This happens to Kantarou in every route. As far as he and the player know, he doesn't deserve any of the bad things that happen to him.
      • This happened to Ayano. Before Kantarou was hospitalized, he used to be a perverted jerk who sexually harassed her every day. It drove her to the point where she decided to kill him. However, she somehow failed and Kantarou survived. If her route is selected, she will attempt to finish the job.
    • Cute and Psycho: Ayano. Once she reveals that she tried to kill Kantarou, she talks about how much she hates Kantarou and wants to kill him for all he had done prior to the game.
    • Driven to Suicide: In two of the Bad Ends.
      • If Kantarou tells Nagisa that she's better off dead, she will kill herself in front of him.
      • In the Honey Milk route Bad End, Kantarou decides to get hit by a car after he killed Rikana.
    • Dull Eyes of Unhappiness: If you look closely with each girl, the sparkle in their eyes will vanish in different points in the game.
    • Four Is Death: On the fourth day, Kantarou dies or kills his selected girl in a horrible way. Depending on what happens, he might survive.
    • Here We Go Again: A couple examples.
      • In the True Ends, it ends with three words: I hear sirens.
      • In the Bad End for Ayano's route, Ayano is in the hospital and she now has amnesia.
    • Jerkass: The player can play Kantarou as a real jerk to all three girls. It won't matter at first, but Nagisa and Ayano's routes have different outcomes regarding Kantarou's behavior. Kantarou can tell Nagisa that she would be better off dead, which will lead to her violently stabbing herself in the stomach until she dies. Ayano's route reveals that because Kantarou was a perverted jerk to her, that was what led to her trying to kill him. If you look around the room during Ayano's route, you'll find proof of his perverted old life.
    • Manipulative Bitch: Rikana. She claims to be Kantatou's little sister, but she just wanted a huge chunk of his fortune. When he confronts her about it, she drops the act and starts letting out a Cluster F-Bomb.
    • Multiple-Choice Past: Each route provides a different story for Kantarou.
    • Multiple Endings: There are two endings available for each route.
    • Murder-Suicide: In Nagisa's True End, she stabs Kantarou and supposedly kills herself afterwards. However, the final line from Kantarou suggests that he survives somehow.
      • Rikana's Bad End unintentionally turns into this with Kantarou killing her and letting himself get hit to join her in death.
    • Murder the Hypotenuse: In Nagisa's route, she kills Sanae in an attempt to have Kantarou all to herself.
    • Only Six Faces: A meta example - Kantarou shares the same face as all of Charon's other protagonists, with different coloration for their hair and eyes.
    • Sempai/Kohai: Ayano's relationship with Kantarou seems to be this with him as the senpai and her as the kohai. It was all a lie, though.
    • Slasher Smile: Nagisa and Ayano sport rather terrifying ones in their routes.
    • Stalker with a Crush: Nagisa. However, her broken mind makes her believe that Sanae, Kantarou's real girlfriend, is the stalker while Nagisa is the girlfriend.
    • Strong Family Resemblance: Inverted. Kantarou's little sister Rikana looks nothing like him, with her blonde hair and blue eyes. This is because they are not actually related, and Rikana is just out to get his money.
    • Together in Death: Nagisa tries to pull this in her True End and Kantarou might have done this in Rikana's Bad End.
    • Yandere: Nagisa. She stalked Kantarou for several days and even "confessed" to him a couple of times. One day, she saw Kantarou kissing Sanae, his real girlfriend and she just broke. She sat outside, trying to process what she saw. Finally, she made a story in her head, believing that she was Kantarou's girlfriend and Sanae was stalking him. She attempted to kill Sanae prior to the game, but she accidentally attacked Kantarou.

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