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Character design

Nathan has red hair and purple eyes. His outfit consits of a black and white tie, brown coat and he also wears glasses.


Nathan is very gentleman like. He is very sweet and cares deeply for Saige.


Nathan is from 100 years in to the past. He is a clockmaker working in his uncles old shop. 

Nathan was at the train station when Saige fell from the sky. 


  • Clock are very special. Each clock is special in its own individual way and each one needs be treatted with much consideration and care.


  • Nathan's father was a tailor while his uncle was a clock maker following in his uncle's footsteps
  • His eyes are seen as purple but also blue-ish grey in some cases
  • Nathan was very lonely before Saige showed up
  • Nathan was rated first by Amy herself as character she'd "like to get in bed with".


Nathan and Saige have a little boy named Eric he is red head like his father but has eyes like his mother.