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WARNING: Some content of this wikia may be inappropriate, disturbing or graphic.

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For any concerns involving questions or uses of templates; please refer to any members of staff members, Admins or for other responses-the founder of this Wikia. 

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For the behaviour, it should be appropriate such as when displaying information and making comments to other wikia users. If there are any concerns, please refer to a staff member or the founder of this wikia.

UPDATE: You may add in other games, although this wikia is generally related to Charon games. If you are to include any other games remember to apply it to the correct category . UPDATED: Please consider what comments and changes you make on this wikia. Irrelevant edits will be removed and vulgar language, while permitted, please consider that if your comments are abrasive/offensive or stupid will be removed. This wikia was made DUE TO THE FACT THAT THE OTHER RPG WIKI WAS CHANGED AROUND BY TROLLS AND IMMATURE PEOPLE.

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