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Roland Churchill is a datable character in: Chrono Days created by pacthesis. He is initially met prior to 100 years from Saige's timeline.


Character Design.

Roland has blonde hair and orange eyes, perhaps hazel. He wears a black cap with goggles on top. Around his neck, he wears a black and white scarf with a open blue jacket; red belt, orange shirt and grey trousers.


Initially, Roland comes off as cold and hostile because of his disinterest in Saige to begin with. He doesn't take any proper notice of her-for example: not asking her name prior to their meeting-until he decides to communicate to her. Although there are phases in which he refuses to make kind responses as he's busy with his work.


Roland originated from Cigam and travelled to Reton by plane, in order to get medicine for his little sister Eliza. In the progress, he had problems and had to fix his plane. He's been staying in Reton and working on fixing the plane for about a month to get home.

If Saige decides to go with him on his return home, Roland will talk about getting his keys for his house from a neighbour. Soon after, he notices a grave with the name 'Eliza Churchill'. Realising he was too late to save his sister, Roland mourns over her death. He then tells Saige that he's leaving. When Saige asks why, Roland explains he has no other reason to stay in the location. They return back to Reton (100 years ago) and Roland continues to live there.



  • Roland's name was inspired by a bake-off show . For no personal reasons.
  • Roland crash-landed while getting medicine for his sister.

    In Roland's path, this image (on the left) was supposed to be a scene of Roland when he crash-landed while getting his sisters medicine. However, due to being unable to fit it in-possibly due to space-the scene wasn't included and is now a deleted scene that hasn't been included within the game.