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Is the female protagonist of the game: Chrono days created by Pacthesis. Although her name is set on default, leaving the player to the decision of changing her name.


Character design


Saige is overall witty to a fault. She has a sensible aspect on things, compared to Teddy and is respectful towards others. She is more or less a tomboy at heart, for her easy-going interactions with boys and little femininity when it comes to being dependant or independent. Her strong minded personality is well respected among others and is somewhat admirable. She is kind and generous, willing to help others such as with Emmet-apparently she is one of the few people that have offered to help him before.

Even with her life in a future society, she can flexibly alter between the culture of exactly 100 years ago just as well as having the ability to travel through it.


  • Saige and Teddy made the promise of marriage when they were younger.
  • It's possible that Saige could be the great grandmother of Cole, if deciding to go with Emmet.