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Yanderella is a game developed by Charon. It is eroge-styled and  horror adventure genre with elements of the yandere troupe; as the title of the game implies. It's a free downloadable software and the game was released in: 2013/08/29 


Yatarou, the main character; is a handsome hikikomori. One day, he has a reunion with his former best friends Honoka and Hinata. However, a warped love triangle lurks behind the happy days the three of them spent together.

-Game Description


Arrow keys: Move

Confirm (Enter/Space/Z): Examine, talk

Cancel (Esc/X/C/V/B/N/0): Cancel, close menu

F12: Return to title screen

F4: Windowed/fullscreen toggle

F5: Window size toggle

Yatarou's Status[]

Yatarou is titled the 'pretty boy' and comes along with a menu when the 'ESC' is pressed and when Dialogue isn't present. There are no items available and  it appears that Skills and Equipment are comically presented in a way that closely relates to Yatarou's character.

Yatarou's menu screen going through various stats, items etc


Skill screen.png

Yatarou's skills are not essentially used during dialogue but moreover are there comically. As for his skill uses, which are the following:

Stubborn: Loves the secret base.

Hikikomori: Doesn't want to go to school.

Soil Self: At this age...

Despite the skills not having use, they do appear to relate to the dialogue in some way.


Equipment Yatarou.png

Yatarou' equipment aren't as different compared to other male characters equipment in previous Charon Games. Although apparently the use of it is different.

Armour- Yatarou's clothes

You'll become a pervert if you take them off.

Accessory: Underwear

Underwear is an accessory

Hitana and Honoka's status[]

During the days between Day 2-Day 4 you can travel around with Hinata and Honoka. If you access the menu screen during that time you can see their status, equipment and skills.

Honoka is titled 'lively girl'.



Armour: Honoka's clothes. These clothes are popular with messy girls.

Accessory: A white Ribbon. A stylish Ribbon.


Hella Mad: Looks menacing when mad.

Super Strength: Stronger than you'd expect.

Cooking skill: Can cook well. Likes making sweets.

Hinata is titled 'calm girl'.



Armour: Hinata's clothes: A white one dress piece. Popular in Tokyo.

Accessory: Rose ornament: Sold in fashion shops.


Maiden Heart: Loves Yatarou.

Airhead: Special trait of easy-going, down-to-earth girls.

Sharp tongue: Says what she needs to when she needs to.



Yatarou icon.png

The protagonist of the game and the central love interest. He is known to be 'handsome' but is prone to perverted actions. He was close friends with Hinata and Honoka, when he was younger; however after Hinata left, he began to seperate from Honoka-as Hinata was the only reason why there were together. Once Hinata moved away, he rebelled against his mother and teachers, causing him to infrequently go to school.


Originally, Yatarou had silver hair but after rebelling his mother and teachers, he went for a new appearance by having his hair dyed a different colour. His current appearance shows that he has short light blonde hair with golden eyes. Although his full body appearance is minor within the story, he wears a white blouse and dark trousers.


Overall Yatarou is portrayed as how the player chooses his dialgoue. Otherwise Yatarou can be somewhat of a gentleman towards Honoka and Hinata to a degree were in one of the endings, he wishes not to break them. Yet at the same time, Yatarou can be dominant, reckless and perverted. Honoka often comments how he's a pervert and even Hinata does at certain times. Yet, these comments don't appear to bother him.

He may also be seen as quite a silent person since he is prone to allow the two girls go off on long conversations. Yet Hinata sees him as a kind person, as how she remembered him when they were younger. Although his feelings may not always be obvious, it's clear that he deeply cares for them yet at the same time is willing to love one girl even if it gives him risk.



Honoka icon.png

The strong-willed tomboy and somewhat Tsundere-like girl in the group. She has admitted to having a crush on Yatarou but has difficulty with explaining it which later led Hinata into thinking that Honoka was fine with being left out to Yatarou's feelings. After Hinata had left for Tokyo, the relationship of Honoka and Yatarou began to drift and the two became more separate. Honoka began to visit Yatarou to apparently talk with his mother when in truth she came to see him.


Honoka has long crimson hair, with a white clip that appears as bandages to one side of her hair. She has matching eyes colour to her hair. She wears a brown vest top with sleeves that usually hang near to her shoulders and wears a short black skirt.


Honoka is often harsh to Yatarou, calling him perverted and expecting to get privileges just because their friends although it's unknown if she does it out of joking. She acts as if she has no feelings for his emotions but it appears that way since she struggles with her own. Hinata acts opposite to her, being kind to Yatarou when she is not. Though despite her tsundere personality, she is obviously submissive into allowing Hinata's feelings come above her own feelings towards Yatarou.



Hinata icon.png

The feminine, meek and gentle-speaker of the group. Originally, in their past, Hinata was the reason to keeping the group together but later she left for Tokyo during elementary school. Only when summer vacation happened did she gain the chance to 'find her prince', otherwise known as Yatarou. Hinata often sees her life as the life of Cinderella and uses it as a reference for her actions or emotions. She has admitted her wish of marrying Yatartou


Hinata has short dark blue hair, with two strands coming from the front and a curled in fringe. Her eyes too are blue, matching her hair colour. She wears a white dress with blue roses around the stomach.


Hinata comes off as a bubbly person, with feminine traits that make her appear as innocent. However, in truth her purpose is to get her 'prince' and she became willing enough to betray and abandon Honoka's feelings just to get her own way. She has no sympathy towards Honoka and admitted to keeping Yatarou for herself. Depending on her ending depends on her appearing innocent or psychotic, perhaps from perspective from character of Honoka or Yatarou.



Vending Machine[]

  • The vending machine in the game has various drinks which are titled and possibly linked to the game: Mix Ore. They are named:
  1. Loving Lunacy! Strawberry Milk
  2. Rotten Bastard! Honey Milk
  3. Pure Evil! Cafe au lait

And also "Old Tyme Coca au Lait"

  • Hinata calls her sword 'Masamune-chan'
  • Hinata is seen as a gentle-looking, angel of a girl according to Yatarou.
  • In one of the conversations with Hinata, Hinata mentions of 'loving' something which leads to 'hating' it. This may refer to how she was unable to be with the one she loves because of the one she hates or loving Yatarou but hating him in the end for promising to be together with her yet, denying it before death.
  • Hinata also mentions how friendship and every other hurt you try to hide fails because you'll be hurt in the end. Again, this probably refers to the endings when given the choice to be with Honoka/Hinata.


  • It's likely like with all of Charon's other games, there is a time loop; causing the characters to become delusional. In this case, It's possible that Honoka or Hinata were aware they could cause a loop to be with him.
  • Unlike most of Charon's games, it appears that even with a death of a person, the loop continues to go on-since both Honoka and Hinata said it was fictional and knew that by him being dead it could be looped. Or it could be since either way in the true end, a girl is sacrificed (killed) and then he's killed it probably momentarily stops the loop but continues.
  • Yatarou himself may be aware of the time loop as he says having one girl is 'like rubbing dirt in the other one's face' and how in the bad end he decided what was best for all of them. Or it could be that in general he believes in whatever to be 'right'.
  • It's possible that Yatarou decided for them to live within a time loop so then they could be together. This may be due to the 'bad end' as nobody died and there are only four days available or it could be through the 'true end' with him deciding to be with one girl and be killed just so he can be with the other one as well (when the loop restarts)
  • It's possible that the toy Bunny Yatarou has as his 'save point', is somehow linked to the toy rabbit at the arcade. if that was so, it suggests this could've been the toy bunny he kept, in order to remain single. And that when the time that was looped (hence- when he was given the decision to give the bunny) it resulted in a 'bad end' since he already made that 'option'.
    • All Girls Want Bad Boys: Yatarou is a bit aloof and has a rebellious attitude, but Hinata and Honoka are attracted to him.
    • Scissors/Blade Crazy: Depends on which True End you get.
    • Breaking the Fourth Wall: In Hinata's ending, she says that everything is "just an illusion," and that he can just go back and do it all over again.
      • In Honoka's ending, she calls you out on thinking that you can just start over from a bad ending as if your previous choices had no consequences.
    • Childhood Friend Romance: Gone horribly wrong. Hinata's ending even reveals that Yatarou promised to marry her when they were older.
    • Childhood Marriage Promise: Yatarou made one to Hinata right before she moved away, which he doesn't recall until she murders him.
    • Color-Coded for Your Convenience: Hinata is blue, Honoka is red/violet, and Yatarou is yellow.
    • Curtains Match the Window: Played straight with Hinata and Honoka, but subverted with Yatarou. He originally has grey hair before he bleached it to match his eyes.
    • Death by Sex: On the fourth day, the girl you choose and Yatarou will attempt to have sex.
    • Entitled to Have You: Both girls are very possessive of Yatarou. In Honoka's ending, Hinata claims that Yatarou is hers now and that Honoka should just give up. In Hinata's ending, Honoka has a conversation with her Split Personality and agrees that she shouldn't worry about Hinata anymore.
    • Failure Is the Only Option: You can pick a girl and end up getting both her and yourself killed, or do nothing and just go on the same way you have been, but saddled with the knowledge that both of your childhood friends are batshit insane.
    • Fanservice: On the fourth day, Yatarou can undress the girl of his choice down to her underwear.
    • Fiery Redhead: Honoka.
    • Four Is Death: The fourth day title card has blood dripping from it. It's on this day that the girl you've spurned attacks and kills the other, before killing you.
    • Innocent Blue Eyes: Hinata.
    • Multiple Endings: Three; the ending you get is determined by what you decide to do with the stuffed bunny. There's one ending for each heroine; they both involve your love interest getting killed by the girl you spurned, and then you meet your own untimely end. If you decide to keep the stuffed bunny, you get the so-called "Boring End" in which you and your two friends continue on as you were. Everyone gets to live, but you still have the knowledge that either of the girls are probably on the verge of snapping at any moment.
    • Murder the Hypotenuse: In both True Ends, the girl you choose is killed by the other. And so are you.
    • Never My Fault: Both girls blame Yatarou for their actions.
    • Not Good with Rejection: What triggers either True End is the the other girl over-analyzing the choice of a stuffed bunny.
    • Not Quite the Right Thing: Keeping the stuffed bunny will result in the Bad End where the story just ends right there although considering what happens in the True Endings, this might just be the default Golden Ending.
    • Psychotic Love Triangle: Both of Yatarou's "love interests" are obviously not well.
    • Red Eyes, Take Warning: Honoka, depending of which ending you get.
    • Share the Male Pain: Honoka cuts off Yatarou's genitals with a pair of bloody scissors. Any male player will cringe at the scene.
    • Shout-Out:
      • The plot is possibly one to School Days, primarily the official anime ending where Makoto is killed by Sekai and then decapitated by Kotonaha who kills Sekai.
    • Their First Time: Hinata and Honoka say this on the fourth day when Yatarou attempts to have sex with one of them. Too bad it's their first and last time.
    • Tomboy and Girly Girl: Honoka and Hinata respectively.
    • Too Dumb to Live: When Yatarou is running from the Ax-Crazy Hinata, he decides the best decision is to run into the secluded forest...instead of, you know, into one of the many buildings he passes, where there would presumably be someone who could help him.
    • Tsundere: Honoka has difficulty expressing her feelings towards Yatarou.
    • True Blue Femininity: Hinata.
    • Woman Scorned: Either girl develops this attitude. Honoka because she loved Yatarou for so long and was always there for him, and yet, he chooses Hinata over her. Hinata because she developed an unhealthy obsession with the Cinderella fairy tale and believed that she deserved some happiness for once in her life. She even believed that Yatarou would throw her away once he was done with her and thus, killed him.
    • Yandere: It's even in the title.
    • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Hinata.

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Day 1

Yatarou dreams of meeting his childhood friend, Hinata, who had left for Tokyo. She declares she has returned 'for her prince', which is obviously Yatarou, and wishes to be with him. Yatarou is woken up by Honoka that came by. At first, he is alarmed and forgetful of the day plans. With Honoka's reminder that it's summer vacation and Hinata is returning from her time in Tokyo, who will meet them at the station. The two head over there and meet with Hinata. Hinata, alike to the dream, says how she came for 'her prince' and makes a move to kiss him-until Honoka comes over and calls him a 'pervert' assuming that he was trying to make a move on Hinata. Yatarou is given the choice of quickly admitting and apologising or trying to tell her the truth. Eitherway, Honoka doesn't believe Hinata making that sort of move and accepts his apology.

They recall of their time together. Honoka states how he went 'full on bad boy' when Hinata left. Rebelling against his mother and teachers and even dyeing his hair blonde. Hinata seems uncertain of his change but learns that nothing of him has changed when they go to the secret base. Apparently the secret Base was destroyed because of the landlord demolishing it. A grave is left in its memory by Honoka. Though Honoka is surprised to see some flowers next to the grave. Yatarou reveals he left the flowers and he too misses the secret base dearly. Afterwards, they head home. Yatarou is e-mailed during the night to meet up with Honoka and Hinata. He is given the choice to meet Honoka at the pier or Hinata at the secret base.

Meeting Honoka: Honoka tells how she was surprised to see that he left those flowers out for the secret place-and was even moved by it. She then asks him why he suddenly lost interest in her and doesn't want to spend time with her. Regardless of dialogue choice, Honoka reminds him that Hinata isn't staying forever and that she will return to Tokyo-that she visited only because it was the summer holidays.

Meeting Hinata: Hinata tells of her surprise of how Yatarou went and dyed his hair but she believes him to still be the same person. She admits how she misses everything they used to have and tells him to remember their promise. Promise to always be friends with each other before she leaves due to it being late.

Day 2

After receiving an e-mail from either Hinata or Honoka (depending on who you visited the night before) saying to meet in the park. Apparently the message was sent 30 minutes ago.

Yatarou arrives, being greeted by Hinata and scolded by Honoka for sleeping in. They choose to go out to the station since a lot of new things have been added that Hinata hasn't seen. Also, Yatarou is made to treat them for lunch as punishment for sleeping in. Later they go by a manga store and look at some of the manga available. Honoka is surprised to see Hinata interested in this and declares that she doesn't read that sort of thing as she rarely cries. They test out to see Yatarou's reaction of a manga Hinata picked out. The story is apparently about a boy who loves two girls.

Yatarou ends up soiling himself, probably effected emotionally by the story. He is scolded by Honoka and he hurries to the toilets. He was fortunate to make it in time. Whilst the girls are together, Hinata remarks on how funny it was the relationship between Honoka and Yatarou. That they are like family, even husband and wife. Honoka is quick to deny it, as she is awkward about her feelings-but Hinata takes this differently. She asks if it's OK for her to confess her feelings towards Yatarou, if Honoka doesn't 'love' him but likes him as a friend. Honoka reluctantly allows this and even promises to cheer her on. Yatarou shortly returns and they decide to head home. Honoka is left still shocked that her and Hinata will be rivals instead of friends if they're both in competition for his love.

They head home and Honoka asks of how Yatarou feels towards Hinata. He finds this question strange and wonders if she's feeling OK. Honoka lies to say that it wasn't important and that she was merely curious. They part ways and again Yatarou receives an e-mail from the girls. Honoka giving a mild threat and Hinata patiently waiting for his response.

Meeting Honoka: Honoka meets up with Yatarou again and offers him some cookies. Yatarou, at first moved by her offering is told by Honoka that it wasn't for him to have and it was for his mother. Since Honoka apparently goes round Yatarou's place to meet with his mother.

Meeting Hinata: Hinata is reminded by the memory she has of the small city they live in and how much it's been growing. Hinata says she's fine with it expanding although surprised by how many people they are, how many changes there are and how it's like a department store. Though Hinata regrets the thought that the natural beauty of the town is fading along with the memories they had together-which she misses. She then makes her leave because of how late it is.

Day 3

After receiving an e-mail from either Hinata or Honoka (depending on who you visited the night before) saying to meet in the park. Apparently the message was sent 30 minutes ago.

Again, Yatarou wakes late to visit the girls. Hinata offers to pay for everything whilst Honoka wanted to be treated by Yatarou. Hinata dislikes this idea and Honoka decides against Yatarou treating them-seeing as she didn't want Hinata to feel like she had to owe Yatarou anything. Honoka mentions that Hinata would like to go to an Arcade-which they presume to be at the station.

You are given the choice to either skip decision or to not. Skipping it will lead to the decision leading to one of the three available endings. If not, you will see through the story up until reaching this point. They reach to the station and decide to take a picture of them altogether-so they use the photo booth and each keep their photo. Hinata catches sight of a toy bunny, saying how cute it is and how much she wants it. Honoka offers to help by giving a try at the crane, but fails. Hinata, who at first not discouraged, tries and fails too. Honoka suggests Yatarou taking a turn at it and he gains it successfully. He's left with the thought: now what? And has the choice of giving it to Honoka, giving it to Hinata or keeping it for himself.

Give it to Honoka: The screen flashes red and Hinata is there saying, 'Cinderella was supposed to have a happy ending...right?' When the vision ends, Yatarou sees Honoka is left visibly taken by shock; and states how 'cute' things like the bunny doesn't suit her and that he should give it to Hinata. Though Yatarou insists and Honoka, lying says that she's not happy to be given it./ Give it to Hinata: The screen flashes red and Honoka is there saying how if [she] wasn't around, then she'd be chosen and given the toy. When the vision ends, Yatarou sees Hinata is thrilled and quite pleased to be given the stuffed bunny, thanking Yatarou and saying how she will treasure it.

If you choose to give the bunny to one of the girls, the day will follow on to day 4. An e-mail is given later on by Honoka and Hinata-Honoka saying she's waiting by the pier and Hinata is 'waiting at our usual spot'. Choosing to talk to either girl does not effect the story at this point.

Meeting Honoka: Honoka admits she was surprised of him giving the bunny. Though quickly admits that she had secretly loved Yatarou and all the claims of visiting his mother was just so then she could see him. But she's felt that she was just a bother to him, as she described him being 'sullen' when she visited. Having let out her true feelings, Honoka decides to be more honest with how she feels towards him.

Meeting Hinata: Hinata is surprised to see Yatarou-as she expected him to be sleeping since it's late. Hinata is reflecting deeply on how not everything can be the same, that in one way or another-somebody will get hurt and that not everyone can be friends. That happiness is short. She wonders aloud if she will have to return to Tokyo and declares that she doesn't want to leave-that she doesn't want to leave Yatarou. With a tight hug, she confesses her love to him as he, rubs her back to try and calm her. She asks to stay a while longer in his arms until she apologises and has to leave him-as it's getting late.

Yatarou wonders if his decision was right to do. If choosing one out of the other would be Ok-since it would be 'like rubbing dirt in the other one's face. ' that there are 'no do-overs in life.' how their 'precious days' won't be the same and how the three of them can no longer be together.

Day 4

Depending on who you choose to be with ultimately depends on your ending.


Bad End: Boring End

At the arcade, Yatarou decides to keep the bunny for himself-which visibly surprises the girls-as they didn't believe he was into that sort of thing. Yatarou decides this is for the best since if he gave it to one, the other girl will be jealous and left out. He decides to keep it-even if he remains single for the rest of his life-because he's afraid to hurt his friends and that way, they can all be together in the end. Their summer days continue normally and the three of them remain as friends.

True End 1: Trembling

After having Hinata chosen over Honoka, Honoka curses how Hinata was loved more than her. How Yatarou broke away from her because Hinata wasn't there and how Yatarou is only with her now because of Hinata. How Hinata held their friendship together which was now going to be taken away from her.

Yatarou, instead of meeting both girl as planned has Hinata come round his place. Hinata notices how his mother isn't around and how they are free to be with each other. Yatarou, feeling that the 'mood was right', undresses her to which Hinata calls him a 'horn-dog'. Before he can do any lovemaking with her, Honoka enters his house and stares at them impassively. At first, she assumes there's some kind of joke behind it it-but she is quick to deny it when she realises she has been replaced by Hinata. Honoka holds out some scissors, and proceeds to attack them.

Yatarou wakes up, with the call of Honoka. Confused, he is told by Honoka he was sleeping in and she was just waking him up. Yatarou then realises it was a dream. He imagined that Hinata had visited when she was never coming back. That he was dating Honoka. Honoka brings her face close to his and they kiss. But shortly after the comfort of being reassured, he notices something from the corner of his eye. A bloody box tapped up is behind Honoka and he yells in disgust. Honoka asks if he's curious to know what's inside of it as she tells him it's 'something I hate', specifically Hinata. Yatarou realises his delusion-that he was with Hinata and Honoka had murdered her. He tries escaping but realises he's bound up with ropes.

Honoka tells him he thinks he can start again, just because it's fiction. That he can get the ending he wants just because he can change his fate. Though she reminds him that she will still exist, burning into his memories no matter what path he takes or decisions he makes. She tells him to think of her, and almost, suggests that she should be chosen next time. Allowing him to have a chance to escape his fate, she takes off his trousers and undergarments, brings the scissors to his crotch and cuts it off.

True End 2: Cinderella's Darkness

After having Honoka been chosen over Hinata, Hinata reflects on how her life is like Cinderella's. That she has been taken away from her prince, even though Cinderella was more precious, beautiful and kinder than anyone, 'it didn't do her any good.' How she is covered in cinders, expected to clean. Hinata remembers how her parents took her away from her prince, how she had to be A-grade student and a good girl. Because she doesn't want to make any enemies or be bullied. How she is made to study hard every day and to live in fear. Hinata decides to break away from her duties and gain her prince.

Honoka wonders if she's a bad person. Even though she knows how Hinata loves Yatarou, she wonders why she was given the stuffed toy. She even assumes that the toy was given because Yatarou was too embarassed to give it to Hinata. For a moment, she is happy that Yatarou looked at her for once and gave her the toy instead. However, she realises this is wrong-that it's bad to betray Hinata just because she too loves Yatarou and how she doesn't want to hurt a friend. She admits to sometimes have hated Hinata because how their technically rivals but then she grows uncertain. Through her reflection, she is being told to give up on her friendship-that she should be 'honest with herself' and take Yatarou for herself. Although she denies this reflection from the water, she is told how Hinata 'wanted her to lose' and how cheering her on was a way of covering it up. Honoka convinces herself that it's fine to be with Yatarou-so long as her haboring feelings are stronger than how Hinata has loved him.

Honoka is called to Yatarou's house-as his parents are out. Honoka is nervous, as she's been hiding her feelings for so long. Yatarou decided to skip their original plan of meeting together to be with Honoka. That the 'mood felt right'. Honoka at first, tries to delay it as like with Hinata-it was her first time trying to have sex (similarly to Hinata). She calls him a 'perv' though through persuasion; undressing and overcoming embarrassment, they move onto lovemaking when Hinata appears.

Yatarou wakes up, being greeted by Hinata in the morning. Similar to Honoka, she asks if he was having a nightmare as he was making strange sounds, but then moves onto the suggestion of him having a 'dirty dream' and calls him a 'horndog' (because of undressing). When he asks why she's here, Hinata tells him that she was promised on a date. That his slow waking up led her to see him. Yatarou remembers that it was a long nightmare and that Hinata never transferred schools. That together, they were spending their time enjoying summer vacation. How he admitted his feelings towards Hinata. Hinata suggests a good morning kiss-which they do-but Yatarou finds something strange about the atmopshere. Hinata tells him how Honoka isn't worth it and asks if he could keep his eyes on her only. As they have a second kiss, Yatarou sees a glimpse of something. He sees Honoka's corpse and reality comes back to him. Hinata asks if he will run away from her, which he does-perhaps out of knowledge that he will die in the progress.

Whilst Yatarou is on the run, he is briefly confused with the memory of dating Honoka. He runs out of his house, down the streets and into less populated areas until he trips over himself and is left exhausted and unable to run. Hinata, with weapon, makes it appear she is the princess at the ball and promises to return her prince at twelve. However, noticing him still trying to make an escape, she cuts off his limbs. Hinata tells him how people can live without arms and legs and decides to test this theory. Still living, Yatarou is shocked to see Hinata like this. Hinata goes on to say how it's his fault his life has ended out like this-that she should've been chosen and given the toy. Then she reminds to him that this world is fiction, an illusion and can be restarted by his death. So before he dies, she will be with him forever.

Yatarou, who is either dying or dead now, recalls when Hinata was leaving. He was sad that she would be going and made the promise of getting married-although Hinata wanted to deny it since they were in elementary school. But they promised to meet each other again and in the future be married. Yatarou wonders why he was given this nostalgic dream and memory, apologising to Hinata as he was unable to keep his promise.