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|Japanese Name = やたろー

|Appeared in = Yanderella

|Gender = Male



Yatarou have a blonde hair (previously silver). He also wears a white shirt and black trousers.


Yatarou appears as delinquent person. He has a short attention span and is often reffered to a hikikomori. Yatarou also hates school and rarely talks. Before Hinata moved away, he liked to play with both Hinata and Honoka until he began to draw apart from Honoka.



Yatarou and Honoka are childhood friends. After the moving of Hinata, he rarely talks and plays with her. Honoka secretly had a crush in Yatarou, however depending on who Yatarou chooses will depend if he will rekindle their relationship or will try to pursue Hinata. Yatarou killed by Honoka if he choose Hinata instead of her.


Yatarou and Hinata are childhood friends. At elementary school he used to play with both Honoka and Hinata. Him and Hinata made a promise of marriage when they are older, before Hinata moved away and the memory of it faded. Hinata also had a crush in Yatarou but to an extent of aggression. In some choices, Yatarou can say "i love you" to Hinata. If Yatarou choose Honoka instead Hinata, Hinata will kill Yatarou.