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A story about Shintarou, an average student, and his best friend Akino.


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The protagonist of the game, who is an average student. One day, he sees someone with the same favourite song he has by an artist called: Sepia Mimosa and the two become best friends from then on. However, as their friendship grows, another thing comes to mind-what is Akino hiding? Mysterious and calm, there's an air of confusion about him.


Shintarou's personality is overall average. His personality hints little about who he is and his main interests comes from the singer he likes and the curiosity of his friend. Although in the true end he, 'betrays' Akino; it's unknown how he would accept Akino as a person.


Shintarou's appearance is never seen within the game because of the first person perspective. Neither are there any hints or minor images to show what appearance he has.




Akino comes off as calm, composed and perhaps wise due to his experiences of friendship. His friendship began with Shintarou when Shintarou noticed Akino had a CD of Sepia Mimosa. The two then came close friends and usually spoke about the singer and buisness about school. Akino has admitted that 'Akino' is not their real name and they were born in Fall-Autumn.


As mentioned, Akino is calm and composed, with the tendency of speaking deeply about something he cares or thinks strongly about. Overall Akino wants to trust Shintarou and have his loyalty although depending on the ending received will depend on how Akino will see him.


Warning! Contains spoilers and theories! Read at your own risk!

The game starts as a 'loop', with the beginning being the ending. Akino has gone through a time loop, a cycle repeating of making a friend, being betrayed and killing [him] until he eventually accepts himself as a boy, then to go after Sepia. Akino, in truth born as a girl, and has been betrayed and mistreated which caused him to take the identity 'Akino' and to be who really he is.

His recent friend Shintarou has shared interests with him and he wishes to keep a friendship; although Shintarou has started to notice feminine traits of Akino the more he gets to know him. He admits wanting to be 'born as human', suggesting rebirth or perhaps Akino's view of self-importance. As for Sepia, Sepia is perhaps a friend that may have mistreated Akino or is someone Akino knows. Mimosa is possibly part of Akino's idenity-suggesting that it could be a relative, close friend or stranger.

In the true end, Shintarou ends up betraying his friend for the sake of discovery of identity which causes Akino to murder him out of hate and hurt. Akino is then seen travelling back home (After going to a hot tub spa), reflecting on Shintarou, thus leading to the beginning of the story. If Shintarou allows Akino to pass as a different gender and identity, Akino leaves.


BAD END: " Disappearance"

If Shintarou chooses to not assault Akino, after causing Akino to become drunk; the friendship will remain. However Akino will mysteriously disappear and end up not returning to school. The reason being is because Akino was able to successfully come off as 'male' thus making Akino's identity accepted to Shintarou and leading to Akino leaving to find Sepia.

TRUE END: "Idea"

If Shintarou chooses to assault Akino, he will forcefully open Akino's top, revealing the cleavage of Akino's


breasts and thus revealing the truth about Akino: he is a transgender boy. Akino, out of anger for his betrayal uses the glass of the CD Sepia Mimosa and stabs Shintarou at the back of the neck.

Akino is seen travelling back home, recalling the incident and rethinks over the idea of being born as a human just as well as Sepia and the assault from Shintarou. This also links back to the beginning of the game, when Akino is talking about Shintarou.

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Ending Guide[]

- Bad End

After having dinner at the inn, choose the second option.

- True End

After having dinner at the inn, choose the first option.


  • You me and Empty words is the only game so far of CHARON's that is based on a true story
  • Even the creator has admitted the game to be 'garbage'
  • In the Japanese version, Akino's pronounactions were masculine.
  • The game doesn't reveal the reference to 'born as human' nor does it fully explain Akino's story.
  • Akino may be Watarou from Makato Mobius as they both share similar appearances. Either this is Akino's old 'identity' or new one (possibly passed as male) or moved schools to be seen as 'male'.
  • Probably Akino have some dysphoria and depression for his birth gender, as he frequenly says that wanting to be 'born like a human'.